The Bells the bells ! ….. Bikers…. Dancing and High Jinx’s…..

The Ilmington Flowers

It’s hard to believe we are into August already but what a fabulous month July was here at The Red Lion Ilmington, there’s nothing quite like summer fun at the Pub. It was a busy month with lots going on, we had a wedding and a Christening and lots of walking parties to cater for. The Morris Dancing Festival caused quite a stir with with The Ilmington Flowers show casing their dancing outside the Pub, it’s impossible to not notice when 80 Morris Dancers descend on the usually quiet village of Ilmington… the bells tend to give them away…. Of course it can’t go unmentioned that our Simon is doing a sterling job as ‘Molly’

Is it Simon? or Molly?.....

the jester with The Ilmington Flowers… be sure to ask him about walking through Stratford Upon Avon in his wig, dress and Bra…. Honestly it’s priceless.

It’s been lovely to see the garden buzzing and full of people drinking, eating and having fun. Our Aunt Sally Team has been thankful for the fine weather and you can see them in action most Thursday evenings.

We have had huge laughs this month in the evenings with live music from Toby and dancing tuition from our resident dance instructors Mat & Lara, although I have to admit that some of us are much better than others which only adds top the laughs and photo opportunity for #lostintheswamp. It’s been a great month to meet many new faces, new people who have moved to the village, tourists and even a biker crew down for the night.

The Bikers are gathering.

The farmers have had a very busy month but have found the time to come and entertain us with their high jinks and laughs… and Yes ‘Coxy…….. I am still wondering where my plant has gone !!!’

It also can’t go without noting that it’s been a good month for awards, we achieved a Certificate of Excellence with Trip Advisor and also the Cask Marque award for our fine Ales.

The Morning After The Night Before !

July was also the month when all the behind the scenes work came together and we launched our new Website allowing us to share more of our story with you all.

The only question now is what will August bring? And will you be part of this month’s Story?

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